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Wendy’s New “Big Brain” Bean Bag Turns Heads


But Wendy’s is taking even bigger steps than a few new menu items – the chain is planning an absolutely massive restaurant expansion, including partnering with Walmart and having smaller outposts like Frosty Carts (via Eat This Not That ).

Wendy’s most recent development includes the release of a bean bag chair, depicting the red hair and braids of the famous Wendy’s. The channel tweeted a sale for ‘buy one, get one for $ 1’, depicting a man lounging in the bright red seat (via Twitter). The tweet reads: “The FIRST chair that turns good business knowledge into back support. And it can be yours! Stay tuned for how to win. #BOGOBigBrain” and shows the model using the chair while holding two burgers, podcast on another photo and knit on a third.

Wendy’s also shared one of the photos on her Instagram account, and reactions are mixed. Some Instagrammers find the ad “hilarious,” and others are eager to hang up the chair, writing in all caps to make the burger take its money, like now. One user even suggested that Wendy’s “accidentally dropped the largest gaming chair in existence,” and honestly, who are we to disagree?

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