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WBO Delays Crawford-Porter Purse Offer – Deal Looming?


Less than a day from a show, an online offer for the WBO welterweight world champion Terence crawford defend against Shawn Porter, the organization delayed it further, indicating that promoters from both sides are close to a deal.

Puerto Rico-based WBO formalized delay on social mediand website Wednesday afternoon, saying they rescheduled the blind auction to be revealed on September 14, unless a deal was struck,

In late July, the WBO initially gave the two fighters and promoters 30 days to come to an agreement to fight this fall. As we wrote at the time, they notified Top Rank Boxing and TGB Promotions,

Please note that the parties hereto have thirty (30) days from the issuance of this notice to negotiate and reach an agreement for the WBO welterweight championship contest mentioned above. If an agreement is not reached within the time frame stated in this document, a scholarship offer will be ordered in accordance with the WBO Rules for World Championship Competitions.

The minimum acceptable bid in the WBO welterweight division is $ 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars). Any of the parties involved can request a tendering process at any time during the negotiation process.

The applicable Purse Split will be 60% in favor of the WBO Welterweight Champion and the remaining 40% in favor of the WBO Welterweight Challenger.The letter was signed by Luis Salazar, WBO president of their championship committee. When no deal was reached in late August, the WBO set Thursday, September 2, as the date it would reveal the best scholarship offer to promote the proposed fight. They took another unusual step to promote that they would reveal this offer live on their Facebook page. In addition, it is not unusual if the parties are close to a deal on their own, that a stock market offer is further delayed. However, you have to wonder if Crawford is dragging his feet more, which is set to expire with Top Rank Boxing in October, potentially making him a free agent?

At the end of June, I was Porter’s guest at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel, when he appeared on the live radio show “TC Martin Show” heard five days a week locally.

Porter then told the show that he privately contacted Crawford to try and make the fight a reality,

“We’ve been friends for a long time. And, I said publicly, ‘I want to apologize to Terence Crawford. The decision we made a few years ago, if someone wants us to fight, don’t do it, ”Porter said on the show.

“And then, saying publicly, ‘I want to fight Terence Crawford.’ I don’t think he liked it. It left him with a bad taste in his mouth. He stopped resending my texts and resending my phone calls.

I said, ‘You know what?’ After boxing we have a whole life to live… I want to solve this problem. We can be enemies in the ring 12 rounds. But, we can be friends for a long time.

If anyone wants us to fight (him and Crawford), let’s unite and do it, ”Porter continued.

“The fight can be sold as a PPV. I can help sell it as a PPV. I’m going to make Terence do what he has to do to sell it. It can be done. If you want to fight this fight only in prime time ESPN (Top Rank) or Fox (Premier Boxing Champions) in prime time. I totally agree with that.

Crawford, 37-0, hasn’t fought since last November and at this point should be testing free will. It’s also questionable that he could drop the 147-pound WBO title rather than fight Porter. It’s no secret that he really wanted to fight the current WBC / IBF champion Errol Spence, instead of. Spence, however, agreed to fight legend Manny Pacquiao for an August PPV only to have to retire with a damaged left eye and undergo surgery.

Porter, 31-3-1, is the former WBC welterweight champion (losing to Spence in 2019) and has been fighting under the PBC for over 6 years now. However, he apparently has the freedom to agree to fight on another network and / or on another promoter’s terms.

Now we are waiting to see if the deal is done for what would be the most important title defense of Crawford’s welterweight career.

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