Tracey Boakye responds to ‘fake designer’ brand rumors tagged with her photoshoot

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Tracey Boakye spends a fortune on designer labels in Paris

Tracey Boakye clears up photoshoot rumors

Zionfelix tours Europe with Tracey Boakye

Popular Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye has denied rumors that all the designer labels she displayed in her birthday photos were fake.

She said while citing Zionfelix as a witness that the luxury items were purchased with her hard-earned cash.

Tracey said on her trip to Paris that she visited high-end designer stores and bought Loius Vitton, Fendi, Channel and the many other brands displayed in her birthday photos.

“The designer bags I lined up for my photoshoot aren’t fake please. I went to every store to buy them and Sion was there. He had a low battery at one point and wouldn’t couldn’t film every store i went to but they are on youtube you can go see for yourself everything was bought and paid for and at some point zion wondered why i was even buying such things. I got them on my trip to France.”

“I used to criticize people for buying expensive, fancy things at first, but when the time comes and you get to it, you’ll understand,” Tracey said in an interview with Zionfelix.

Tracey, however, asked critics not to mind her flashy lifestyle, as she only flaunts 2% of it on social media.

Watch the video below from 12 minutes: