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This Alfa Romeo GTS Coupe could be the brand’s last resurrection shot in 2021


With the brand’s future uncertain, the Alfa Romeo GTS is the perfect catalyst to restart the chain reaction. The Coupe is a balanced blend of style, aesthetics, and everything an automotive enthusiast demands from a compact, modern four-wheeler package.

Alfa Romeo is a car brand driven by the emotion of love. Car enthusiasts owned the Italian brand’s four-wheelers because they immediately fell in love, rather than wanting to buy one. It all comes down to the breathtaking cars the brand has produced over the years, like Giulia Quadrifoglio gta, Montreal, Disco Volante Spider or Tipo 33 Stradale. While all of these flashy cars set the tone for the brand, the GT series of the ’60s and’ 70s is by no means eclipsed.

The sporty coupé lives up to the best Alfa Romeo models thanks to its much-loved timeless design. As the brand struggles to survive, a breath of fresh air is breathed in by an automotive designer to hint at the future stimulus package to resurrect lost glory. Guilherme Neves Araujo wrote the Alfa Romeo GTS which seeks to go the EV path for the mission. The concept has the allure of the 2000 GTA model with the infusion of a model element.

Up front, the vehicle looks straight out of the blue Alfa Romeo design fender. The overall dimensions remind me of the Polestar 1, another telltale sign that the GTS is an EV in the making. The wide wheel arches instantly trigger my brain towards the muscle car influence (a hint of Dodge Challenger and not necessarily Mustang), pointing to a performance-driven beast below. No matter where you glance at this vehicle from, the balanced proportions are its highlight. The rear is a bit understated, but it captures the overall appeal and wraps the car’s fluid aesthetic nicely.

Alfa Romeo still focuses on the house’s SUVs, and this type of vehicle would certainly bring the brand back to life. When pushed to the wall, Alfa Romeo should bet on such bold designs and surprise competitors. Too bad, the design of the Guilherme is just a concept for now, and I hope the universe conspires to bring this beautiful Italian four-wheeler to life. An Alfa Romeo GTS in the real world, that’s what I want to see. Are Alfa Romeo’s main designers listening?

Creator: Guilherme Neves Araujo

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