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Things you need in a diaper bag


The amount of gear a 10-pound baby needs is dizzying – so is the idea of ​​packing it into a “take out” bag. But you probably want to hang out with your little one, and we’ve got the cheat sheet you need. Since the theme of newborns is “unpredictable,” your diaper bag should be prepared for all kinds of unexpected variables. Here are seven things to pack.

Diapers, wipes and bags

Keep a substantial supply of diapers, wipes, a changing mat, and resealable plastic bags on hand for on-the-go changes. These bags are essential, you never know when there will be a trash can available!

Quick meals

Bring an airtight container of expressed breast milk or infant formula, depending on your baby’s needs. If they are formula-fed, be sure to pack a bottle of water as well.

Additional clothes – for both of you

Since babies rarely think about spitting on themselves, you will need a change for both them and a clean top for yourself.

A face mask

You might think you’re just going out for a walk, but let’s get back to this unpredictability thing. You may need to visit a cafe or other store while you are on the go. Make sure you have a face mask handy so you can go inside at all times.

A swaddling blanket

Whether it’s to protect you from the sun, wrap your baby or use it as a changing mat, you won’t regret rolling one more in your changing bag.

Small toys and a book

Diversion is the key! You never know when you will need something to occupy your baby.

A sling or a baby carrier

If you are planning a longer ride and your baby prefers to be held close to you, this will allow you to push an empty stroller while carrying your little one.

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