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The Lifewit cooler bag is 45% off on Amazon


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As we enter peak beach season, there are a few essentials everyone should have on hand, including lounge chairs and a set of super plush towels. And if you’re the type of beach goer who insists on bringing loads of cold drinks, snacks, and a few sandwiches, you’re going to want to invest in a handy cooler bag to keep everything cool all day.

Amazon shoppers recommend the Lifewit Large Soft Cooler Bag, which is the perfect size to throw over your shoulder and carry to the beach. Currently on sale at 45% off, the bag comes equipped with insulating material that keeps food and drinks cold (or hot) for more than five hours. Simply unzip the large opening on top to store everything from containers and cans to bags of chips and fruit. And since it will inevitably be covered in dirt or sand, the water resistant bag is easy to clean – all you need to do is grab a damp cloth from the inner and outer liner.

In addition to the larger opening, it is also constructed with three smaller pockets. The front pocket is equipped with a zipper to keep cellphones and other small valuables dry and secure, while the two side pockets are meshed to hold snacks or water bottles. Plus, there are two ways to wear it: an adjustable padded shoulder strap and a set of shorter handles above the main opening. Buyers can choose between a 15 or 24 liter capacity in gray or black.

Buy it! Large Lifewit Soft Cooler Bag, $ 21.99 (Orig. $ 39.99); amazon.com

Over 14,000 customers have given the cooler a five-star rating, with users calling it the “perfect portable cooler for summer” and “ideal for the beach”. One person was so impressed with the size of the bag that they said it was “so big that I could travel around Europe with it as luggage“.

“My husband uses this bag as a lunch box for work and he loves it,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “He was looking for a lunch bag big enough to hold several tupperware containers and snack bags and it worked really well. It also keeps everything cool until lunch. The strap makes it very easy to carry too, and that has the effect. ‘looks professional. “

“We left for the beach at 10am and returned at 4pm and the drinks were still cold and the ice packs were still frozen!” another shared. “Easy to transport, clean and super strong.”

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