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The 8 best vegan leather handbags for 2021


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Whether you are looking for a cavernous bag to carry over your shoulder or a small purse to slip in paste, balm and disinfectant, the world of vegan leather has a lot to offer. A far cry from its plastic predecessors, vegan leather now looks beyond cheap petroleum-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and relatively cleaner polyurethane than PVC (PU is a popular option, although it is always petroleum based).

Across the vegan handbag list, vegetable leather bags (made from edible waste such as apple skins and pineapple leaves), which are softer and more environmentally friendly, mimicking texture and the feel of animal leather.

For our selection of vegan leather bags, we have chosen slings to choose those that are not only kind to animals, but also commit to green materials and ethical production wherever possible, without compromising on style. .

Coming up is our pick of the best vegan leather handbags, which are timeless all-season classics.

Final verdict

Our bag selection is the wholesome and affordable collection of vegan handbags from MATT & NAT (see at Matt & Nat). Affordable bags from Urban Originals (see at Urban Originals) made from materials such as sustainable cotton, canvas and recycled nylons are our budget pick.

What to Consider When Buying Vegan Leather Handbags

You’ve looked at this cute vegan pouch, but not sure if it’s for you. We help you determine what to look for before you embark on the wonderful world of alternatives to leather.

Zoom on labels

Is the bag plastic-free and vegetable-tanned? Or is it a rigid PVC backing? Are the bags ethically made? Are the liners and hardware durable? Also watch out for PETA-approved vegan certification.

Choose what you like and will use

Since vegan leathers are less durable than their conventional counterparts, buy a handbag that you truly adore and that you will care for and use faithfully. Buying second-hand bags is also a sustainable choice, although it can make it more difficult to avoid animal products as it is not always clear what materials are in a handbag. second hand.

Search for new materials

The world of vegan leathers is growing rapidly, with new materials falling more and more often. Learn about new materials, which feature lovely textures, fabulous designs, improved durability, better environmental friendliness, and lots of conversational value.


What is vegan leather?

Also known as faux leather, vegan leather is not made from animal skin. But not all vegan leather is eco-friendly. Popular leather alternatives include petroleum-based synthetic leathers, PVC, and PU. Cheap PVC or polyvinyl chloride poses a risk to the environment and human health. In fact, PVC has been labeled “poisoned plastic” by the environmental organization Greenpeace. PU or Polyurethane is more flexible, less toxic and is considered better for the environment than PVC.

But these non-biodegradable options are squeezed out by the more environmentally friendly and highly innovative vegetable leathers. Made from scraps from matching vegetation and other natural materials, the stylish saddlebags can be made from a wide variety of highly aesthetic vegan leathers, ranging from materials such as Piñatex made from leaf fibers pineapple, Malai made from coconut waste, and even kombucha leather.

How to clean vegan leather?

Lightweight, cheaper, and thinner than real leather, vegan leather also has a shorter lifespan than real leather and is not as durable, so it needs a bit of TLC. Thanks to the non-porous surface of this material (vegan leathers usually have a plastic coating), cleaning is as easy as a swipe of detergent and a soft cloth. Let dry completely. Vegan leather also tends to crack and flake, so use conditioner to keep it supple.

Sunlight can cause your favorite vegan Hobo bag to shrivel and crumble, so keep vegan leather out of direct sunlight. When not in use, remember to fill it with clean parchment or wrapping paper (newspaper ink can stain it) and slip it into a dust bag, stashing it safely in a place clean and dry.

Why trust Treehugger?

The leather industry’s track record of pollution, animal welfare and environmental damage is cause for concern. Our pick for this list of vegan leather handbags is kind, greener (especially when choosing plant-based leathers over their plastic counterparts) and timeless.

Author Neeti Mehra writes about responsible luxury and is committed to a slow and conscious life. Living a sustainable lifestyle, she strives to make more respectful choices.

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