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SHEIN Shares SEA Marketing Plans, Explains Importance Of Social And UGC


Online fashion e-merchant SHEIN recently landed in Southeast Asia with the formation of a new hub in Singapore, appointing Mercury Marketing and Communications to handle the public relations functions. Although the brand declined to share more details on the appointment, its spokesperson said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that he plans to build a standalone website for buyers in Malaysia. As part of its marketing strategies in the region, SHEIN will always focus on its niche, digital and influencer marketing.

In addition to the current OOH and TikTok ads, the e-merchant is also planning pop-up events in Singapore where consumers will have the chance to physically see, touch and smell their products and learn more about the brand. It also leverages its SHEIN X designer program to work with local design talent in Singapore and Southeast Asia for collections.

According to several media reports, including the South China Morning Post, SHEIN was founded in a city in eastern China known as Nanjing and has exploded in popularity among American teams. This month, Bloomberg reported that SHEIN has overtaken Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the United States, ending the ecommerce giant’s 152-day streak. Despite its Asian roots, SHEIN’s branding and user interface is more Westernized, with the brand primarily using Western or Pan-Asian looking models in the catalog and online advertisements. It also has a lot of product reviews from users around the world.

The spokesperson explained that America was one of the first regions it expanded into and naturally Western models were used for these campaigns. “With the expansion over the years into other regions, the models we had in mind for the campaigns have also moved to different nationalities to ensure market relevance. Part of the brand’s identity derives from values ​​such as inclusiveness and diversity and we are committed to the philosophy everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion, ”the spokesperson explained.

Importance of social media and UGC

As an e-commerce brand, the spokesperson for SHEIN said it is focusing more on social media as these are channels that can help the brand capture its target audience which is on social media. When asked why it focuses on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok in particular, the brand said social media is the main source where most consumers get their information these days. and that they help shape their purchasing decisions.

Besides social media, user-generated content such as SHEIN is also another main channel that has been effective in raising awareness among consumers. SHEIN hauls allows consumers to provide feedback on its products and buyers come from different backgrounds and markets. Their reviews are also available on SHEIN’s website and on social media, making them accessible to everyone around the world. “It has formed a community on a global scale where conversations about their races are generated naturally, increasing brand awareness,” the spokesperson said.

SHEIN is known for being a fast fashion brand and according to SCMP, it adds about 5,000 new articles per day. With sustainability being all the rage these days, the brand also ensures that no raw materials are wasted. “When manufacturing new products, only 50 to 100 pieces are produced to ensure that no raw materials are wasted. Only when a particular item reflects high demand is large-scale production. implementation to respond, “reiterated the spokesperson. Currently, SHEIN is pushing sustainability efforts by using environmentally friendly technology in its manufacturing and optimizing its supply chain to minimize waste and reduce carbon emissions. It also has an ongoing initiative with NGOs to plant over 600,000 trees.

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