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Police search for man who stole expensive items from South Charlotte home


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Detectives with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are trying to identify the man responsible for stealing expensive items for thousands of dollars from a house in South Charlotte.

Police said the incident occurred on the evening of Saturday, June 12, at a house in the Saint Michaels subdivision in south Charlotte. Officers said a man entered a house in the neighborhood and stole several expensive items.

“He stole everything of value that he saw, such as computer objects, jewelry as well as clothing,” said Detective Adrian Johnson of the CMPD Crime Stoppers.

Surveillance footage from security cameras inside the house shows the man moving around the house. The footage shows the man scanning different parts of the house.

Video footage from a camera in a bedroom shows the man removing luggage from a closet and opening various doors as he searches the room.

“(He was) definitely taking his time. I think he knew the owner of the residence was not at home and had free time so he was there going through every room trying to get anything of value that he saw, ”Johnson explained.

The detective said the man left the house on foot. CCTV footage from an outdoor camera shows the man walking down the street and pulling the stolen baggage behind him. Johnsons said the man used the stolen baggage to hold more items he took from the house.

“I had never seen this before, but it was convenient for him. I guess he saw the luggage and was like ‘hey, I’m going to fill this with as much stuff as I can because I have time to do it,’ Johnson explained.

The police report filed with the CMPD lists several expensive items that were allegedly stolen from the house. The item list includes Ray-Ban sunglasses, several pairs of Gucci shoes, and a laptop.

“We have no idea if he was investigating the neighborhood,” Johnson said. “We just have it in this specific house. We have no other surveillance footage of him walking around the neighborhood.

Johnson said he wanted to encourage members of the public to protect their homes.

“It’s not common to see incidents in this part of town, but the point is that crime can happen anywhere, and so it doesn’t matter which side you live on – north, south, east or west. – the crime is going to happen there, ”said the detective.

Police said the man would weigh around 5 ″ 11 ″ and 180 pounds. He was wearing a Buffalo Bills t-shirt at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information about the home burglary is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Informants can remain anonymous and they can receive a cash reward if they have information that leads to an arrest.

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