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Steubenville Police

Crash: A Steubenville Fire Department ladder truck en route to a fire call Friday failed to stop and struck a stopped SUV on Market Street hill, then cut a dumpster before come to a stop at the corner of the Martin Luther King Recreation Center, Friday. The operator told police he was pressing the ground brake, but the fire truck did not respond. None of the firefighters were injured, but the driver of the SUV was taken to Trinity West. Fire chief Carlo Capaldi said the truck was returned to the station.

Accused: Woman who was already on bail after being accused of shoplifting at Walmart returns to jail after being accused of attempting to get out of Kroger with food and alcohol she had not paid on Friday, according to a police report. Jessica L. Pinkerton, 30, 1112 Oakgrove Ave., Steubenville, has been charged with petty theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. Kroger employees told police they saw Pinkerton pretend to scan items before putting them in bags. In addition to the items in the basket, police say that when searching his purse, they found him ” completely full “ with beer, liquor and bottles of wine as well as a glass crack pipe and a broken pot of marijuana. Kroger employees said the 55 items in his cart and purse were valued at $ 240, police said.

Surprised guest: Officers were reported by several people in the 400 block of North Sixth Street who informed that a woman wearing a hospital gown approached and sat on their back porch on Saturday. They said they had no idea who the woman was, and police said the woman was initially not sure either. Eventually, they were able to identify her, although she continued to have difficulty answering questions. She was returned to the hospital for further evaluation.

Purse ripped off: A man on Sinclair Avenue told police that a woman he knew stole a purse belonging to his girlfriend that contained “$ 500 worth of lotions, perfumes, anti-wrinkle cream and an expensive hair straightener” Saturday. He said his girlfriend could not file a complaint herself because an arrest warrant had been issued against her.

Refueling: A Highland Avenue resident said she allowed two people she knew into her home to use the restroom, but found them in her kitchen using items from her freezer, Saturday. The woman said they were stuffing things into a backpack, and when she grabbed the backpack to see what they were taking, they threw her to the ground and started hitting her. She told police that one of them hit her on the back of the head with what looked like a hammer, so she let go of the backpack and they ran off. She said meat and a small hammer were missing. Police said she had no visible injuries, but a woman on the victim’s porch confirmed that she was hit on the back of the head.

Concerns: A town resident told police she feared a drunk family member could harm her unborn baby or other family members on Saturday. She said the individual pushed her over and kicked her in the stomach. Police said the individual was very drunk and difficult to understand, but they heard her say “The next time they entered the house, there would be a bloody murder.”

Reserved: Brett I. Rutherford, 40, 1217 Plum St., Steubenville, public drunkenness, Saturday. Rutherford had complained of being assaulted, but police said he showed no visible signs of injuries and could not locate his alleged attackers. Rutherford reportedly told them he was beaten because he would not let his attackers have his bag of books, and claimed his father was after him because he found out he was consuming them. He eventually told police he had used methamphetamine, according to the report.

Altercation: A woman in an altercation with her boyfriend said he punched her in the face so she threw a cell phone at him and hit a window instead on Sunday. Her boyfriend denied hitting her and said she just threw the phone away and missed it. The woman had a small laceration on her face and initially said she wanted to press charges, but police said she quickly changed her mind.

Disruption: Callers reported a disruption in the 600 block of Prospect Avenue on Sunday. The two men who lived there accused each other of having thrown objects everywhere in the residence. Both have been informed of the eviction procedure.

Big splash: Callers reported two minors jumped a fence and took a swim in a private pool on Friday. Witnesses said the boys were teenagers, one with blond hair and the other dark brown. The police could not locate them.

Insistent: A Union Avenue resident said her ex-boyfriend pushed her during an argument as he gathered his things to leave her apartment on Friday. He denied it.

Walk In: ​​A North Fourth Street resident said a man walked into her apartment when she took her dog out and pocketed two $ 50 bills and her food stamp card on Saturday.

Reserved: Annie M. Hope, 31, 340 Fernwood Road, Wintersville, small flight, Saturday. Walmart workers told police they saw Hope skip the scan and change labels on merchandise valued at $ 121.

Reserved: Della M. King, 65, 803 Rosswell Ave, Steubenville, domestic violence, Saturday; Treyvon Wise, 26, 1321 Wellesley Ave., Steubenville, arrest warrant, Saturday; Darryl G. Williams II, 33, 2508 Crabbe Blvd., Steubenville, warrants out of Jefferson and Belmont counties, Saturday; Ryan Gooch, 30, homeless, petty theft and possession of a drug addiction device, Saturday. Gooch reportedly opened a packet of socks at JC Penney’s, putting on a clean pair of socks and leaving his dirty ones in a shopping bag tied in a shoebox. Police said they also found a hypodermic needle in his pocket. Gooch also received two arrest warrants.

Cited: Lamontea Nashae Whatley, 29, 731 Oakmont Ave., Steubenville, no operator license and violation of child restraints; Jean M. Baker, 64, Saratoga Springs, UT, red light violation.

Cell fraud: A North Sixth Avenue woman told police she was told by AT&T that she had multiple cell phones in her name even though she was not using AT&T on Saturday. The police told him to turn off the phones and remove his name.

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