Perry Hi-Way Hose Company hosts designer purse bingo to raise funds for the resort

The Perry Hi-Way Hose Company had a fun way to raise funds to keep them going.

According to the president of Perry Hi-Way Hose Company, this is their biggest fundraiser of the year and they hope to make around six to eight thousand dollars.

The holidays are approaching and one way to thank you this year might be to earn a gift or give back to your local fire departments.

Perry Hi-Way Hose Company hosted a designer handbag bingo to raise money for their resort.

“It’s amazing it’s for such a great cause and I really want to win a new handbag,” said Participant Sandy Kneller.

“We are a busy department. We have a lot of expenses. It takes almost half a million dollars a year to keep us in business, ”said John Spaulding, president of Perry Hi-Way Hose Company.

Spaulding said he hopes to raise between six and eight thousand dollars from the event to use for the station.

“Paying our operating expenses, paying our electric bills, our gas bills for all that stuff,” Spaulding said.

Not only is this the biggest charity event for Perry Hi-Way Hose Company, people said they were happy to give back to a local station.

“Supporting the local fire department is a phenomenal thing. I buy and support local, ”said participant Tracie Sprague.

“Well of course a new handbag, a new designer handbag and socializing with new friends,” said Michèle Leflame, participant.

The entry cost was $ 30 to play 16 games of bingo.

Like other fire departments, the Perry Hi-Way Hose Company needs volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, Click here.

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