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Nadia Jamil unloaded from flight, left to suffer at Heathrow Airport in London


Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil on Saturday sentenced British Air Ways for the treatment she received at London Heathrow Airport.

In a series of tweets, Nadia said she was taken off the flight and British Air Ways staff told her to go home.

“I have never had such a traumatic and horrible experience in my life. Cancer and chemotherapy were easier than [the] treatment I received at @britishairways Heathrow. Abandoned in a wheelchair with suitcases lying all around me. Abrupt and nasty attitudes. Conflicting demands. Exhausted, emptied, exhausted, “she wrote on Twitter.

The actress said she lost her National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) and planned to travel with a photocopy of her NICOP and an expired Pakistani identity card.

“It takes a lot of positivity away from me. @British_Airways I have never been so intimidated, humiliated and helpless in my life. Your staff let me 2 sleep alone in Terminal 5. How did you expect me 2 in wheelchair rear suitcases 2 Heathrow cambridge? Kindness counts! ” she said.

Nadia added: “When a sick passenger in a wheelchair does not have correct documents, please DO NOT make them wait 4 hours, then leave them alone in a wheelchair, with heavy luggage. Please help them with decency 2, with their luggage 2 their transport @British_Airways I passed out in the taxi! [sic]”