MSCHF sells designer bags for $ 40

What’s the best thing to do to be rich? You look rich, of course!

MSCHF’s newest drop (its 66th, to be exact) will envelop you in the illusion of wealth, even if you can’t afford the pitfalls of a luxurious lifestyle.

Just from the prankster art collective behind Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes”, OnlyBags is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. To clarify, this is an online store offering shopping bags from high-end brands such as Fendi, Hermès, Burberry, and Rolex, priced at $ 40 each.

So you can make it look like you’ve just walked into town on Rodeo Drive, without wasting thousands of dollars. Pretend until you can, indeed.

“If you can’t consume – and you know you can’t, not at the level you’ve been dreaming of, not at the level you’ve been spooned into by social media and high-profile celebrity existence fiction – you can at least achieve the consumer aesthetic, ”reads the OnlyBags manifesto.

“If there’s one thing we know when acquiring our sample bags, it’s that walking the street loaded (empty, of course!) Balenciaga, Valentino, Rolex, etc. is one hell of a power trip. “

A nod and a nod to the tongue-in-cheek message of the decline, OnlyBags also sell carriers from retailers you wouldn’t generally consider a status symbol, particularly Sephora, IKEA, and Victoria’s Secret. There’s even a plastic “THANKS” bag, something you can copy to your local bodega for change.

All priced at $ 40, these less desirable offers show the absurdity of anyone paying for branded packaging – a phenomenon that has generated soaring demand on resale sites, including eBay – just to project a certain image. .

So what can we really To do with those empty designer bags? Display them (unfortunately bag wall art does exist), incorporate them into your social media posts, take them to the streets for a quick confidence boost, resell them online so you can afford to buy another status symbol.

So forget about the Birkin and the Datejust – thanks to MSCHF there is a cheaper and easier way to save weight.