Lea Black didn’t stop at designer bags after leaving RHOM

Lea Black is still living her typical Miami lifestyle, and despite quitting reality TV, not much has changed when it comes to the former RHOM star’s finances. In fact, she’s now a thriving beauty icon.

We were reminded of Lea’s stance on the Bravo reality series during the recent reunion, when Lisa Hochstein suddenly mentioned how Lea Black was there for her during a breakup.

The encore was met with an “oh my god” reaction from Marysol Patton, but fans immediately rushed to defend Lea for her TV appearance. From buying the girls’ Birkin bags to drying their tears, viewers wonder where she is now.

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The Real Housewives of Miami | Official trailer for the new season | Original Peacock

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The Real Housewives of Miami | Official trailer for the new season | Original Peacock






Léa bought RHOM girls handbags

Lea Black was on the show until season 3 but didn’t return for the fourth because she didn’t want to if the show wasn’t going to be different, she revealed on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef Podcast.

During her appearance, she was incredibly generous to her fellow cast members, some of whom she remains close friends with to this day. Lisa Hochstein is one of her dearest friends on the show.

It’s nice that she’s not in the friendship group, but her loyalty has come from “sticking together”. She says:

When you have a group that sticks together, I will always support you and you will always support me no matter what. I’m not gonna tell your dirty secrets and you’re not gonna tell mine no matter what.

Nor was it surprising that Lea had great wealth in the bank and often posed with sparkling designer handbags at public events. She has always been in the skincare industry and continues to be in it today.

She is now a beauty icon

Lea Black has always been a firm entrepreneur in the business sector, which she fell back on when she left RHOM. Today, she’s proud to be a CBD beauty and skincare fanatic, as the founder of Lea Black Beauty.

Now also a TV and radio personality, author and philanthropist, Lea’s Signature Skincare collection was originally created in 1984 as “Sudden Youth” and in 2019, after years of research and development. , introduced CBD products.

So during the eight-year break without RHOM on air, she was focused on expanding her beauty business. With more time to do just that after she’s gone, Lea sells products like Premium Hemp CBD Soothing Eye Cream for $98.

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His net worth after the release of Bravo

With $85 million to her name and nothing less than diamonds on her ears, it’s clear that Lea Black continues to live an extremely lavish lifestyle. She has developed more than 400 products over her years!

As the host of the “Lunch With Lea Black” podcast, she has been grinding for success ever since her appearance. The star is now a philanthropist, skincare entrepreneur, best-selling author, mother, wife, ‘Mayor of Miami’ and RHOM alum.

His own 2015 fiction book, Red Carpets & White Lies: A Novel, brought in some revenue two years after the end of the third season. She also offers free content on Instagram, which involves her “Lea’s Life Lessons” posts.

While Lea amassed the majority of her net worth by appearing on the show between 2011 and 2013, she was also one of its highest-paid actors at the time. Lisa is behind her in terms of the richest, at $30 million.



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