Kendra Kramer shows off her favorite designer bags

12-year-old Kendra Kramer has a closet full of designer bags.

This is what happens if your mother is the famous former actress and fashionista Cheska Garcia.

In her Facebook bedroom visit vlog on March 1, 2022, Kendra showed off her favorite designer bags, all gifts from her mom and dad Doug Kramer.

There are stories behind these bags, like the vintage Gucci monogram baguette bag given to her by her mother.

Kendra said, “I think this bag can go with almost any outfit. And…it’s my favorite bag.”

Cheska revealed that she bought the bag in Thailand when she was around 17 years old.

She recalls, “So this bag is very special to me because I bought this bag when I went to Thailand for work.

“And it’s one of my first designer bags, or else… [I bought that] probably, when I was 17.”

The average price of a used Gucci baguette bag is around 400 USD or PHP20,670.80 on

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Kendra’s second favorite bag is a black shoulder bag, which Cheska also passed down to her. The mother-daughter duo didn’t give any details about the bag, however.

The 12-year-old celebrity simply said, “My second favorite bag would be this one. It’s very simple. I really like it.”

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Cheska added, “And it’s also a bag from my teenage years, which I passed on to Kendra.”

Kendra Kramer, Cheska Garcia, Doug Kramer

Cheska volunteered, she had also passed on some of her bags to Kendra’s younger sister, Scarlet.

The 41-year-old celeb mum said, “I also gave Scarlet bags.

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“When I was younger kasi I started working early so I was able to buy bags when I was younger.

“So these bags, I was able to keep them and pass them on to my daughters.”

Kendra’s third favorite bag is a Givenchy XS Antigona box bag in baby pink, a Christmas present from her dad.

Kendra said, “I really like this bag and think it’s so cute. And the color is beautiful. So this naman, dad gave it to me for Christmas.”

Kendra Kramer, Cheska Garcia, Doug Kramer

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The bag is currently priced at PHP53,602.38 on



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