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Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20F sleeping bag review: cozy comfort for three seasons


The Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 ° 800F sleeping bag (also known as Cosmic Ultra 20F (RRP GBP £ 174.95 / from $ 199.95 USD)) is a warmer, lighter version of Kelty’s popular Cosmic bags, and launched in 2021 in both men’s and women’s versions. The “Ultra” in the new model’s name comes from what Kelty describes as “super light but super warm” down padding that claims to keep you warm down to -7C. So how far could this bag really go to test? And is it warm enough or light enough to join our ranking of the best sleeping bags or the best lightweight sleeping bags? Read on for our full Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20F review.

Kelty Cosmic Ultra sleeping bag review: design and features

Down sleeping bags tend to provide comfort and warmth, and Kelty’s Cosmic Ultra is no exception. Its silky outer material is padded with insulating DriDrown, Kelty-branded technology which, as the name suggests, is designed to keep you warm without being overweight, but will still perform well if it gets wet from the rain or humidity.

At 1.09kg, it’s not the lightest or most portable sleeping bag on the market, and is a bit too bulky for light adventures, but it’s not overly heavy or bulky, and s ‘will fit into a larger backpack – perfect for outdoor weekends or more casual wilderness camping as well as for traditional camping trips.

Reviews of the Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 sleeping bag

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The Cosmic Ultra is marketed as a three-season bag – the “20F” in its name represents the temperature rating in degrees Fahrenheit of this fully US-designed bag, which translates to -7C, and therefore suitable for most seasons. UK . If you want a bag that can tackle the coldest winter conditions, Kelty also makes the Cosmic Ultra 0F version of this bag, designed to comfortably drop down to -18C.

Kelty has also kept an eye on eco-friendly construction, creating a water-resistant fabric that doesn’t use PFCs (a group of harmful chemicals often used in outdoor kits as a waterproofing agent).

Kelty Cosmic Ultra sleeping bag review: performance and comfort

Hop into the Cosmic Ultra at camp and you will instantly be enveloped in warmth. We liked the mummy shape of the bag, which quickly traps body heat, the soft and silky nylon lining, very comfortable against the skin, and the practical interior zipped pocket, ideal for storing your phone or headlamp. A stand-up collar around the neck also helps you stay warm at night, although you don’t want to pull the hood too tightly around your head. While we were unable to verify its claims of comfort down to -7C, we tested the bag in cool spring conditions when the temperature dropped to 2-3C and was comfortably warm – we recommend using it. from spring to autumn and for winter use in the UK if you’re not heading for more extreme mountain conditions.

Reviews of the Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 sleeping bag

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Size matters – the Cosmic Ultra 20F unisex bag is 198cm long and should fit most taller campers. On the small side? A ladies version is available – our 5’7 tester estimated that this women-specific design would fit anyone up to 5’7, but if you like a more roomy sleeping bag, especially around the torso, the unisex bag could be even better for you.

We only really reported one thing after a few weeks of testing this bag – for the first few times you use it, the Kelty Cosmic Ultra has a slightly unpleasant synthetic smell. It fades and we found that leaving it in the sun for an hour or two helps, so we don’t think this issue would stop us from buying what is otherwise a very capable bag.

Reviews of the Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 sleeping bag

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Kelty Cosmic Ultra sleeping bag review: verdict

Kelty’s motto is “Built for Play,” and we believe her Cosmic Ultra is great for having a good time outdoors in most seasons. Reliable warmth, water resistance and great comfort make this a solid choice if you are looking for a bag filled with down. This design offers excellent value for money, resistant to testing compared to bags available at twice its price. The option of choosing a feminine cut is the icing on the cake.

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