I’m a shopping expert and there are five designer bags I would NEVER buy…they are poor quality, won’t resell and look basic

A shopaholic has claimed which designer bags she thinks aren’t worth the money.

Speaking her mind, Steffie, who lives in New York, said she doesn’t believe some of the most popular bags today are worth their price tag.


Steffie thinks the Dior bag looks like a grocery bagCredit: @steffieinthecity/Tiktok

Speaking to her TikTok account, the woman gave her two cents out of five designer bags.

Posting under the domain @steffieinthecity, she says “designer bags that just aren’t worth it.”

She starts with a black Prada Re-edition Zip 200 shoulder bag, retail value $950 or £717.

“Nylon is one of the cheapest fabrics to make, it might be a cute bag, but it’s a rip off,” said Steffie, moving on to another Prada Satin mini bag with faux crystals worth $1850, or £1396.


“As for Prada, this one is just NOT worth it, it’s going to fall apart and it’s going to get sticky real quick,” she added.

Moving on to Dior, Steffie reveals a picture of the Christian Dior Book Tote worth $3250 or £2452.

“Sure it’s a cute pattern, but let’s face it, it’s a glorified grocery bag, don’t spend 3k on it,” Steffie said.

Revealing a classic $8,200 (£6,190) black Channel bag, the shopper was still unimpressed, saying: “As the price of Channel bags goes up the quality only goes down, that’s not to say. just not worth it.”

For her final review, Steffie slammed a Louis Vutton bag worth $5,000 (£3,774) saying “For $500 this bag is basic AF and the resale value is terrible. Don’t invest not in this bag.”

The post has been viewed over 180,000 times and TikTok users were quick to comment.

“There’s nothing wrong with the quality of the double flap; the only problem is it went up $2000 in 6 months,” one person commented.

Another added: “Which bags are worth it?”

“Did she just say Chanel wasn’t worth it…” a third commented.

Steffie has an opinion on five bags


Steffie has an opinion on five bagsCredit: @steffieinthecity/Tiktok

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