Handbag heist: thousands of dollars in designer bags slipped into the La Jolla store

LA JOLLA, Calif .– Authorities are investigating an alleged theft of a designer handbag after a La Jolla woman reported Wednesday that she saw people break into a local store and then take off in two black vehicles.

Mohammad Alami, owner of Shoe Repair & Leather Goods in La Jolla, Calif., Discusses an alleged theft of a handbag from his shop on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

According to San Diego Police, officers called the owner of Shoe Repair & Leather Goods on La Jolla Boulevard around 3:30 a.m. to inform him that someone had broken into his store and smashed his door glass. entry. When owner Mohammad Alami arrived, he said he found seven missing handbags, including designer labels Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and Chanel.

Some of the stolen bags were for sale in the store while others were there to be repaired, Alami said.

“A Louis Vuitton handbag costs at least $ 700,” he said. “It was in the window and they took it. I have a Jimmy Choo handbag – a white handbag with satin on the outside and leather on the inside – that cost seven hundred dollars and a few dollars is missing. I have a Chanel bag and a Louis Vuitton that I just finished last night. They left.”

Alami, who has been repairing shoes and restoring designer handbags for more than 30 years, has spent more than six years at the La Jolla site. He said he moved the business from Pacific Beach because it seemed safer, but has now been robbed twice in the past three years.

“That’s what everyone says,” he said. “It’s La Jolla. It couldn’t happen. Oh yes. It’s happening.

Twenty months after he intended to retire, Alami said he was not sure what would happen next.

“I am a believer,” he said. “I believe in God and I said, what goes around comes around. You know, someone did this to me. Something’s going to happen to them one of these days. Karma will turn around and bite them.

No descriptive information was available to those responsible for the theft. Alami said his security cameras stopped working over the past week, so there is no known footage of the incident.

He is working with his insurance company to determine how to recover the costs.

Anyone with information about the theft can call San Diego Police at 619-531-2000 or submit tips anonymously by calling San Diego County Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.