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Additional theft charges against Clarion Man accused of stealing trailer :: exploreClarion.com


BOROUGH OF CLARION, PA (EYT) – Additional thefts and related charges have been filed against a Clarion man who was recently charged with stealing a trailer after more stolen items were found on several properties he owns in Highland Township.

Court documents say he is 32 years old Adam douglas dolby was arraigned before Magistrate District Judge Duane L. Quinn at 9:06 a.m. on Friday, September 17, on the following counts:

– Burglary – Overnight accommodation, No person present, Crime 1
– Theft by illegal removal of movable property, crime 3

– Provocative intrusion Real communication to, offense 3
– Use / Possession of drug-related accessories, offense

The charges stem from an investigation into a reported burglary in Clarion Borough.

According to a criminal complaint, at approximately 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday, September 15, the Clarion Borough Police opened an investigation into a burglary that occurred at a residence on 3rd Avenue North in the Clarion Borough.

Two victims were interviewed at the aforementioned property.

The first victim said that about two weeks earlier she noticed that several items of her jewelry, a Coach purse, Coach wallet, Coach chain bag and light beige leather purse were missing from her bag. residence. She also said her chess board and pieces were stolen from her room, according to the complaint.

A second victim told police he ordered four outdoor security cameras and Ring floodlights which were delivered on Monday or Tuesday of investigation week and noticed three of them were missing. He also said he was missing a two-inch water pump in his garage, according to the complaint.

The first victim told police that Adam dolby had previously been advised not to enter the victims’ residence. She told police she went to Dolby’s residence in Highland Township to confront him about the missing items. She reported that she entered Dolby’s residence and yelled for him at least three times, but he did not respond.

The victim said she then noticed her stolen chessboard, one of the Ring security cameras and her black Coach purse inside Dolby’s residence and took the items back. She noted that she had also seen one of the Ring security camera housings inside Dolby’s vehicle, but it was locked.

The second victim said he had confronted Dolby before about his missing water pump and told police that Dolby said he owned the pump and would return it “because he didn’t. had no need, “notes the complaint.

Police then searched the Clarion County GIS mapping and found three neighboring properties near Dolby’s residence in Highland Township that were also owned by Dolby. A search warrant was then requested and granted for all the properties.

According to the complaint, the search took place on September 15 and police then located several items reported as stolen from Clarion-based State Police, including a red 4 × 8 trailer, Rally push mower, Husky push mower. , a Husqvarna chainsaw and case, a Hart hand drill and a wheelbarrow.

The complaint says police also found the following:

– a bag of jewelry wrapped for resale with Dolby’s name and return address on the package,
– a flower purse
– three meth glass smoking pipes
– a green pipe to smoke methamphetamine
– a notebook listing the stolen objects
– a Coach wallet containing jewelry
– a green sports bag containing women’s rubber boots, a beige handbag, two black Coach handbags, a check Coach wallet and a beige Coach handbag
– two glass cannabis pipes
– a “sure hit”
– a Ring outdoor security camera

After the search, Dolby was told about its Miranda rights and questioned about the thefts.

According to the complaint, he then admitted to entering the residences of the two victims and taking the items reported stolen. He also told the police where they could find the items in his residence. However, he reportedly refused to discuss the other stolen items found at his residence and said he wanted a lawyer.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on October 5, with Justice Quinn presiding.

According to court documents, Dolby also faces a second hearing on October 5, on charges of an incident in which it ran out of gas after allegedly stealing a trailer from a property in the Township of Paint, in Clarion County.

He remains in the Clarion County Jail on $ 10,000.00 bond for this case and $ 50.00 for the 9/11 robbery.


Clarion Man runs out of gas after allegedly stealing trailer

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