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Meredith C. Carroll: Never Have I Ever: Aspen Travel Edition


Give yourself one point for each experience you haven’t had while traveling to Aspen / Snowmass:

– Your flight to Aspen arrived late.

– Your flight to Aspen was rerouted to Grand Junction.

– Your flight to Aspen has been rerouted to Eagle.

– Your plane to Aspen circled the airport before turning around and heading back to Denver.

– Your flight to Aspen has arrived but you haven’t. (In your defense: Hall A at Denver International Airport isn’t anyone’s friend, and certainly not someone with a close connection.)

– Your flight to Aspen has been canceled due to mechanical issues.

– Your flight to Aspen has been canceled due to bad weather.

– Your flight to Aspen was canceled on a perfectly sunny day.

– Your flight to Aspen was canceled because the pilot could not be located.

– Your flight to Aspen has been canceled because what was on your mind when you booked a flight to Aspen in the first place.

– Your flight to Aspen has been canceled and the next available one is in two days.

– Your flight to Aspen has been canceled and the next available rental car or shuttle is in three days.

– Your flight to Aspen has been oversold.

– You were the only person on your flight to Aspen.

– You managed to hook up a rental car and it broke down on I-70.

– You managed to hook up a rental car, and the flight you allegedly took is battling you to Aspen.

– Your luggage got to Aspen before you did.

– Your luggage arrived immediately after you wasted a day buying new things.

– Your flight to Eagle has been rerouted to Aspen but your car is parked in Eagle.

– You spent your first night in Aspen, Denver.

– You spent your first night in Aspen at Steamboat Springs.

– You spent your first night in Aspen at a near-doomed motel off I-70 which costs as much as a hotel in Aspen (kidding, wait).

– A snowstorm closed Aspen Airport.

– Lightning stopped DIA.

– A tornado warning stopped DIA.

– An avalanche cut I-70.

– A semi-truck without chains cut I-70.

– A Tuesday closed Vail Pass (same for the other days of the week).

– A semi-truck closed Independence Pass.

– A bike race closed Independence Pass.

– A biker gang has blocked you on Independence Pass.

– Crossing ducks held you back on the Independence Pass.

– A cyclist put your finger on Independence Pass.

– A car with out-of-state license plates held your bumper, or came as close to it as possible without actually blending in with you, on Independence Pass.

– A truck full of big bright yellow rafts blocked your view of the Independence Pass.

– Flash floods shut down Glenwood Canyon.

– Mudslides have closed Glenwood Canyon.

– Forest fires shut down Glenwood Canyon.

– A police chase has closed Glenwood Canyon.

– You looked at the other passengers in your car in disgust until you realized that the smell is only coming out of Glenwood Springs.

– An invasion of deer lining the road didn’t stop you from going over 17 mph.

– The migrating elk made you late.

– You planned four hours for a trip that took 17.

– Took you longer to get from Aspen Airport to the city than it took to fly from Denver to Aspen.

– You needed three days to recover from the specific trauma of the trip to Aspen.

– You have sworn all travel and sworn never to leave the house again.

– Immediately after arriving in Aspen, you started making plans for the next time.

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How to get a Mario Golf: Super Rush bag tag

Best games

Tell us that you are a Mario Golf fan without telling us that you are a Mario Golf fan. / Nintendo

Tell us that you are a Mario Golf fan without telling us that you are a Mario Golf fan.

Always wanted to show off your Mario Golf prowess? Do you have a loved one who is both a player and a golfer? Nintendo has the perfect item ready for purchase on their online store. Its Nintendo store listing says the tag “easily attaches to your golf bag, backpack, purse, and whatever else you don’t want to lose!”

“Travel or golf in style with this awesome Mario Golf: Super Rush ID Tag.” It reads.

The tag is a flat rectangle with cut corners depicting Mario in his golf outfit on the front and an interchangeable ID in a secure slot on the back. Both sides feature striped green players who will do swings in the game. It is 4 3/4 “tall and 3 1/4” wide. In addition, the tag comes with a complementary strap – 6 1/2 “long – bearing the game logo with an easy-release snap buckle.

Here’s how to get your own Mario Golf: Super Rush Bag Tag by following the steps in its store list:

  1. Log in with your Nintendo Account.
  2. Visit the My Nintendo reward page and redeem your Platinum Points for the item you want to redeem. You will receive a code.
  3. Select “Access Now” to visit store.nintendo.com
  4. Add the item to the shopping cart.
  5. Enter the code you received.
  6. Complete your exchange and your item will be shipped to you!

Bag tags will only be available while supplies last, so we encourage interested parties to secure theirs as soon as possible. Previously, a different bag tag was also available for fans pre-ordering the game through Best Buy. This date has since passed at the time of writing.

Players can purchase Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch for $ 59.99.

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Philadelphia fashion could take off after pandemic if we commit to buying local


I am happy to see that we are emerging from the pandemic in style.

Of course, we are always in cozy mode. But the silky cargo pants, matching zip-up hoodies and adorable maxi shirts we wear around town tell me we’re ready to dress again, even if we don’t give up on comfort. And why should we? There are a lot of things that we are uncomfortable with. We don’t need to add fashion to it.

READ MORE: The world is opening up, but we still live in a state of discomfort. Here’s how to handle it | Elizabeth wellington

This is not the only proof that our fashion values ​​are changing. I’m sure the industry will change the way they talk to us, celebrating who we are as we are instead of suggesting we need the latest skinny jeans or miracle face cream to complete us.

“Brands that buy into the marketing message that they complement us in one way or another are going to backfire,” said John Dick, founder and CEO of CivicScience, a consumer trend tracking tool based at Pittsburgh. “The days of brands that made us cool are almost over. “

And there’s this truth: When local businesses thrive, we all thrive. We are emerging from the pandemic with a new urgency to support small businesses. We’ve spent the past 15 months watching businesses close (both restaurants and retail), and several more are just coming back from the brink. The precariousness of the local industry is real.

If designers, retailers, and buyers – that means you and I – play this post-pandemic game well, the local fashion scene may finally have a chance to flourish.

This is true for many cities. But Philly is uniquely poised for success here. Why? Philadelphians love comfort. Philadelphians have a way of ignoring industry trends. And Philadelphians love to see their people shine.

“We are past the point where the industry is trying to make us be something that we are not,” said Kevin Parker, founder and producer of Philly Fashion Week. “We are not looking for other people or cities to define our style.

Philadelphia has always had an original approach to fashion. At the height of his style in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, specialty boutique owner Tony Lerner and designer Albert Nipon were household names.

The city lost its fashion edge in the 90s when local manufacturing dried up and designer looks replaced art-driven fashion. Some local stores like Joan Shepp, Boyds Philadelphia and Knit Wit have retained their cachet. But most have turned to New York for clues of high fashion.

It was only a part of us, however. The rest of us have gone for the fast fashion and the discount route. A staid fashion scene emerged that even the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator and Philadelphia Fashion Week couldn’t heal. Philadelphia just didn’t appreciate the elitist way high fashion spoke to them. Period.

But now, after 15 months of comfort, Philly is delving into her identity as Sweatpants Capital USA in a weirdly chic way. And local designers continue to discreetly create durable and / or flattering clothing lines for all body types. As attention to fashion capitals wanes, Philadelphia has the chance to once again become its own northern fashion star. Although much more inclusive.

“Centers of influence like New York and even Silicon Valley are going to be diluted,” Dick said. “You don’t have to be there to be in the industry. Result: talents will be better distributed. Any city can potentially have the next fad in its own backyard.

But what about all those vacancies in posh Walnut Street? Intermix closed. The Sixty-Five store has disappeared. The skirt is gone. Jeans Timberland, Talbot, Lucky Brand. Closed. Closed Closed. When other stores close – both national and local – it makes people think fashion is dead. From where I stand, the landscape looks dark.

Don’t be fooled by these vacancies, Parker said. They are not representative of the work of our creatives.

Local designers like Muhammad “Homm” Abdul-Basit and Deric “Nyce” Crawley, founders of Jeantrix; Nancy Connor of Smart Adaptive Clothing and Iris Bonner of Thesepinklips have been busy growing their businesses online and through social media during the pandemic. Jeantrix and Thesepinklips have benefited from important celebrity cries (Beyoncé and Billy Porter respectively). And Nancy Connor’s tailored smart clothing can be purchased on Zappos.

“That’s it for us,” Crawley said, “because we can build where we are. It is so important that creatives can build where we are. If we can find work here. Grow here. And stay here instead of leaving, we can put Philly on the map because we’re here.

READ MORE: Jeantrix Is Philly’s Fashion Brand With Leather Jackets Featured In Beyoncé’s ‘Black Is King’

The challenge, Parker said, is to create the necessary momentum. It means spreading the word in order to stimulate business and develop local manufacturing. But there is a lot of work.

Last February, Kerry Scott, co-founder of Parker and Philly Fashion Week, showcased nearly a dozen Philadelphia designers, including Bonner, accessory designer Conrad Booker, and season 12 winner Dom Streater. from Project Runway, pictured by Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, as part of an ode to Philadelphia-based Designers.

Parker and Scott chair the Philadelphia Fashion and Apparel Industry Task Force, a city-sponsored organization that promotes local businesses and provides grants to committed designers and retailers in Philadelphia. The task force last year launched a Support Philly Fashion website, a database of local designers and specialty stores.

“Our vision is to elevate the fashion business in Philadelphia,” Parker said. “We need people to understand that we can be competitive globally. We need the support of our community to be able to fend for ourselves. “

Two months ago, the New York-based Council of Fashion Designers of America partnered with Philly Fashion Week and eight regional fashion weeks to launch CFDA Connects, an initiative designed to help local fashion weeks to produce parades.

But this is not enough. We need to overcome the stigma that Philadelphia is sort of a second fiddle when it comes to fashion. If we don’t, our designers will have no chance of success.

There is hope. Elissa Bloom says she can feel new energy bubbling up. Bloom was Executive Director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator for 10 years. But now she says brands like Sherrill Mosee’s Minkee Blue handbag are being picked up by Macy’s, and Amy Voloshin’s Printfresh pajamas are featured on QVC.

“I feel like we’ve gone from a city known for wearing sweatpants to a city that is growing,” Bloom said. “We are finally taken more seriously. “

We have the creative. We have the reader.

The rest is up to us, the buyer. What Philadelphia fashion needs now is our support.

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Borutka wins 107th Derby Magyar Ugeto – Harnesslink


Borutka (4f Illetmeny-Lady of the night-Tony oaks) regained form and rallied to victory in the 107e edition of the Magyar Ugeto Derby (10,000,000 Huf handbag, 2,500 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park.

Borutka returns home in the Derby Magyar Ugeto

At 12.6 / 1, trainee Tibor Hajnal of Csaba Lakatos’ side won their first in three tries in 2021 and now has seven career wins in 12 appearances. The race time was 1.17.6 km. The winning father Illetmeny was an exceptional son of Valley Guardian whom Bill Weaver raised in the United States. Bazsiville (4g Calypso Capar) finished second for coach / driver Mitja Slavic and Be Happy (4m Com Muscle) finished third for Lajos Marton. The favorite Bugatti SS 2.2 / 1 and 4.7 / 1 Berrill Lady were dq errors. The latter was driven by Franck Nivard who was in town with FR coach Fabrice Souloy.

The Derby weekend was special and took place under sunny skies. The trotting undercard was also special.

Longines wins the Daniel Bisbac Memorial

The best action started with the Daniel Bisbac Memorial (handbag 665,000HUf, 1800 meters autostart) and the local mare Longines (7f Conway Room-Kentucky Love Song-Victor Valley) marked the door to wire in 1.15.6kr for Gyorgy Horvath and trainer Imre Fazekas. She was off the favorite 1.2 / 1 and recorded her 22sd career victory in 28 starts. She has four wins in 2021 in five appearances.

Gyorgy Horvath (mid back) and winning connections receive the trophy

In the Jozsef Sinka Memorial (1,500,000HUf bag, 1800 meters autostart) the 5.3 / 1 Khalid (8g Let’s go-Lisboa-Soma fast) scored in 1.15.6kr with Christophe Schwarz replacing Thorsten Tietz.

Khalid completes victory at Jozsef Sinka Memorial

Robert Gramuller conditions this winner and it is his third consecutive triumph. Gideon H. Renka (8g Quick Wood) was second at 63/1 for Antun Horvatski. The third was the 3/2 favorite Unno del Duomo (8m Ganymede) for Goran Zolnaji. Well considered Maugli was a dq mistake.

In the Pannonia DIJ (handbag 1,800,000 Huf, automatic start at 1,800 meters), the winner of the 1.16.1kr was the 2.3 / 1 Zseneroz (6f SJs Photo-Hitelezo-Witsends Speedy) with Franck Nivard for trainer Zoltan Ozvar. It was his third victory in 2021 in six outings. Nivard recently reached its 3,500e career victory in France. Zona (6f Offenbach Bigi finished second for Emil Csordas and Adriani Asti (5f Frulllino Jet) third for Veljko Mazsity.

Zseneroz walks towards the stable with a ribbon attached to the bridle

Earlier on the map was the Grus Esterhazy / Mklos Moris Memorial (1,710,000 Huf handbag, automatic start at 1,800 meters, three years) and the time winner of 1.18.1 kr was 2.7 / 1 Casino Royale (3 g Marengo-Naomi-PS Dimo) for Imre Soos II and trainer Zoltan Horvath. He now has three wins in five starts in 2021. Also in the Soos memorial (handbag 600,000Huf, automatic start of 1900 meters) on 5.8 / 1 Bizony AM (4g Photo by SJ-Nana-Tony oaks) scored in 1.18.6kr at 5.8 / 1 for coach / driver Imre Fazekas. Mother Nana was exceptional in Stakes during her races.

Files / photos Kincsem Park and Peter Reka

by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

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Why does this Iberia damaged baggage claim take forever?


DEAR TRAVEL TROUBLESHOOTING: I was flying from Porto, Portugal, to Madrid, on Iberia. The airline damaged my checked baggage, an upright soft-sided bag, tearing off a side corner.

Christopher Elliott, the travel convenience store

I filed a claim for $ 129 in damages. I have provided Iberia with a receipt for the luggage. It’s been over three months, but I haven’t heard from Iberia. Can you help me with my claim?

– Hélène Rosenthal, Bedford, Massachusetts

REPLY: I’m sorry for your damaged baggage. Iberia should have taken better care of your personal belongings. And if he damaged your bag, he should have recognized the problem and fixed it quickly. This is not the case.

Airlines that throw your luggage really annoy me. How difficult can it be to treat your belongings with care? And this is especially true if you pay the airline a baggage fee to transport your things. Go!

Since you were flying within the EU, you were covered by EC 261, the European regulation on the rights of airline passengers. Under EC 261, if your checked baggage is lost, damaged or delayed, the airline is responsible. You are entitled to compensation up to an amount of approximately 1,300 euros. But if an “inherent defect” caused the damage, you are not entitled to any compensation.

Unfortunately, the EC 261 does not give the airline a firm deadline. But I think we can all agree that three months is long enough to wait for an airline to respond.

You could have contacted one of Iberia’s executive contacts. I list the names, numbers and email addresses of Ibera officials on my consumer advocacy site at www.elliott.org/company-contacts/iberia-airlines/.

You can also contact the regulator of airlines of EU member states through the European Consumer Centers network at https://ec.europa.eu/. Like the US Department of Transportation, these government organizations have the power to light a figurative fire under an airline like Iberia, and they often do.

I know what you are thinking, dear readers. What about the pandemic? Shouldn’t we be giving Iberia a bit of slack on deferred repayment? After all, the airline industry has suffered so much. But this damaged baggage incident happened before the pandemic, so the pandemic is not a valid excuse, I’m afraid.

Why do airlines drag their wings over a damaged suitcase like this? Because they can. There is no regulatory body that controls the complaints process. If passengers give up and leave, that’s one less claim an airline like Iberia has to pay.

I contacted Iberia on your behalf, and they processed your request in full.

Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20F sleeping bag review: cozy comfort for three seasons


The Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 ° 800F sleeping bag (also known as Cosmic Ultra 20F (RRP GBP £ 174.95 / from $ 199.95 USD)) is a warmer, lighter version of Kelty’s popular Cosmic bags, and launched in 2021 in both men’s and women’s versions. The “Ultra” in the new model’s name comes from what Kelty describes as “super light but super warm” down padding that claims to keep you warm down to -7C. So how far could this bag really go to test? And is it warm enough or light enough to join our ranking of the best sleeping bags or the best lightweight sleeping bags? Read on for our full Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20F review.

Kelty Cosmic Ultra sleeping bag review: design and features

Down sleeping bags tend to provide comfort and warmth, and Kelty’s Cosmic Ultra is no exception. Its silky outer material is padded with insulating DriDrown, Kelty-branded technology which, as the name suggests, is designed to keep you warm without being overweight, but will still perform well if it gets wet from the rain or humidity.

At 1.09kg, it’s not the lightest or most portable sleeping bag on the market, and is a bit too bulky for light adventures, but it’s not overly heavy or bulky, and s ‘will fit into a larger backpack – perfect for outdoor weekends or more casual wilderness camping as well as for traditional camping trips.

Reviews of the Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 sleeping bag

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

The Cosmic Ultra is marketed as a three-season bag – the “20F” in its name represents the temperature rating in degrees Fahrenheit of this fully US-designed bag, which translates to -7C, and therefore suitable for most seasons. UK . If you want a bag that can tackle the coldest winter conditions, Kelty also makes the Cosmic Ultra 0F version of this bag, designed to comfortably drop down to -18C.

Kelty has also kept an eye on eco-friendly construction, creating a water-resistant fabric that doesn’t use PFCs (a group of harmful chemicals often used in outdoor kits as a waterproofing agent).

Kelty Cosmic Ultra sleeping bag review: performance and comfort

Hop into the Cosmic Ultra at camp and you will instantly be enveloped in warmth. We liked the mummy shape of the bag, which quickly traps body heat, the soft and silky nylon lining, very comfortable against the skin, and the practical interior zipped pocket, ideal for storing your phone or headlamp. A stand-up collar around the neck also helps you stay warm at night, although you don’t want to pull the hood too tightly around your head. While we were unable to verify its claims of comfort down to -7C, we tested the bag in cool spring conditions when the temperature dropped to 2-3C and was comfortably warm – we recommend using it. from spring to autumn and for winter use in the UK if you’re not heading for more extreme mountain conditions.

Reviews of the Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 sleeping bag

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

Size matters – the Cosmic Ultra 20F unisex bag is 198cm long and should fit most taller campers. On the small side? A ladies version is available – our 5’7 tester estimated that this women-specific design would fit anyone up to 5’7, but if you like a more roomy sleeping bag, especially around the torso, the unisex bag could be even better for you.

We only really reported one thing after a few weeks of testing this bag – for the first few times you use it, the Kelty Cosmic Ultra has a slightly unpleasant synthetic smell. It fades and we found that leaving it in the sun for an hour or two helps, so we don’t think this issue would stop us from buying what is otherwise a very capable bag.

Reviews of the Kelty Cosmic Ultra 20 sleeping bag

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

Kelty Cosmic Ultra sleeping bag review: verdict

Kelty’s motto is “Built for Play,” and we believe her Cosmic Ultra is great for having a good time outdoors in most seasons. Reliable warmth, water resistance and great comfort make this a solid choice if you are looking for a bag filled with down. This design offers excellent value for money, resistant to testing compared to bags available at twice its price. The option of choosing a feminine cut is the icing on the cake.

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Have gems, travel – The New York Times


PARIS – As theater, shopping and cafes are gradually coming out of a long hiatus, the fine jewelry presentations that traditionally accompany the season’s couture shows are back. Kind of.

Some houses, including Boucheron, Pomellato and Chaumet, schedule by appointment or virtual presentations. But several others chose dates last month and unveiled collections in destinations far from Place Vendôme, the heart of fine jewelry. Prices for these unique pieces typically start at around 50,000 euros (around $ 60,000) and can run into the millions.

Chanel and Dior, for example, traveled to Asia and Cartier hosted a major event along Lake Como in Italy to showcase 560 pieces.

“I think brands don’t want to waste time connecting with consumers trying to get back to normal – in what feels like a post-war, V-shaped euphoric frenzy,” Luca Solca, Managing Director luxury goods at Sanford C. Bernstein in Geneva, wrote in an email, referring to a rapid economic recovery. “Since no one knows how long these positive conditions will last, no brand wants to waste a second.”

He noted that, unlike many post-war recoveries, “consumers have amassed many savings during the pandemic, while asset markets are at their peak.”

Chanel’s No.5 Collection of 123 pieces, which debuted in Hong Kong in early June, is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of Chanel No.5 perfume. The collection will now travel to Shanghai in August, return to Paris on October 1, and then travel to New York in November.

Chengdu, a city of over 16 million people located in southwest China, was the scene of Dior’s 116-piece Dior Rose collection, presented in June as a fashion show with specially created dresses by Maria Grazia Chiuri, its artistic director of the women’s collections. The jewelry is now in Beijing.

And, discreetly for its spring 2022 men’s show, Dior also unveiled Cactus, a high jewelry necklace designed by Victoire de Castellane in collaboration with Kim Jones, artistic director of the Dior men’s collections. The piece, in white and yellow gold with diamonds, emeralds, cultured pearls and lacquer, marked the first time the house has paired fine jewelry with men’s clothing, a spokesperson said.

Cartier’s extensive presentation in Italy included 90 pieces from the latest Sixième Sens collection. Among them was the Phaan ring, crowned with an 8.2-carat ruby ​​superimposed, stepped on a four-carat diamond set in an openwork setting as well as small spherical rubies and triangle-cut diamonds. (A sort of second-wave presentation of around thirty pieces was planned this week at its boutique in Place Vendôme, adding a few freshly finished creations – although the house did not specify how many.)

Bulgari also chose at the beginning of June to present 122 pieces from its Magnifica collection in Milan, part of a 350-piece tribute to the brand’s home in Rome and its 137-year history.

Why would a Roman brand choose Milan?

A spokeswoman said it was a show of solidarity for the European city hardest hit by Covid, as well as “a sign of hope and determination for the future.”

The brand said that among the most important coins was the Imperial Spinel, made of a 131-carat stone, the fourth largest spinel in the world (the largest are mounted in British and Russian crowns). Lucia Silvestri, the brand’s jewelry design director, acquired the stone after a gem collector contacted her via Instagram, a spokesperson said.

Louis Vuitton also came to present a collection of 90 pieces, the largest to date, on July 2 at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Entitled Bravery, the collection was meant to evoke the character of Louis Vuitton, who walked to Paris from the Jura in eastern France at the age of 14, eventually becoming an apprentice saddler.

Around 60 of the approximately 90 pieces designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of watches and jewelry, chronologically revisit the founder’s life story. It opened with a group called the Constellation of Hercules – a setup found in Vuitton’s birth chart – and culminated with another called Tumbler, a reference to the house’s patented locking mechanisms.

This season also marks some changes for two brands owned by Richemont.

Buccellati, in his first full presentation as a member of the group, showed off a garden-themed collection called Il Giardino di Buccellati, a collection of house classics like the rigato bracelet, but now revisited in pink sapphires, diamonds and a pale 20 karat green tourmaline.

And for its Dance Reflections collection, Van Cleef & Arpels has produced four ballerina brooches which illustrate a vast cultural project in the making for several years. The jewelry house awarded its first Fedora-Van Cleef & Arpels dance prize of € 50,000 this year and will sponsor a first performance in London in February.

However, some brands have chosen to present themselves in Paris and elsewhere in France. Now in her 10th year as the Creative Director of Boucheron, Claire Choisne has developed her own process to extend the legacy of the house. In January of each year, she presents Histoire de Style, an extrapolation from the house’s archives, while in July she focuses on innovative techniques and unconventional materials.

This week, at the Boucheron flagship in Place Vendôme, by appointment only, Mme Choisne will present Holographique, a collection of 25 pieces which, according to her, explores the relationship between light and color, as perceived through a prism or maybe on the surface of a soap bubble. “I am always looking for something specific in fine jewelry that is radically different from what you find elsewhere,” she says.

She decided the opals were right and used them to create Opalescence, a figurative necklace of a betta fish in an updated plique, an enamel technique, with two Ethiopian cabochon opals of 72 and 47 carats and 1,500 carats of opal beads. There is also a single companion earring.

Other pieces, including a rock crystal and diamond iteration of the popular Jack design, were finished with molten titanium and silver oxide powder coatings developed by French manufacturing company Saint Gobain. This compound, typically used on sunglasses and airport runway lights, renders color at varying intensities depending on the amount of titanium in the mixture or the number of coats.

Assertive pieces on the finish, such as the Holographic necklace in sliced ​​rock crystal edged with diamonds anchored by a 21-carat yellow sapphire, offered him a lesson in designer. “The hardest part was not knowing what a piece would look like until the end result,” Ms. Choisne said. “It was like therapy – a lesson in letting go.”

In an email, Taiwanese jeweler Cindy Chao echoed the sentiment. Among his latest pieces, presented virtually during sewing, the Plume Brooch in Titanium, set with more than 1,000 diamonds, garnets and tsavorites, from his White Label collection.

Pomellato Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo said a conversation with American artist Sheva Fruitman led him to recast vintage pieces into unique new creations for the second La Gioia collection, shown this week at the Hotel Crillon in Paris.

“You may be inspired by your past, but it’s a new idea to make new jewelry out of something you already own,” he said. “It was a challenge, but what surprised me was that it became very spontaneous.”

The Bavarole Trittico neo-baroque necklace, for example, incorporates recycled elements from collections spanning 20 years. His crosses, from the Bisanzio Collection from 1993 and the Victoria Collections from 2003 and 2013, were mounted alongside rock crystal pendants from 2007 on rose gold oval link bracelet chains from the Sabbia Collection from 2004. It is € 110,000.

Other displays in Paris include Chaumet’s Torsade collection, named after the friezes wrapped around the Vendôme column and rendered in airy structures like a tiara wrapped in diamond streamers, and De Beers’ 1888 Master Diamonds collection. Its five cocktail rings and loose diamonds are the first to feature Tracr, an exclusive platform unveiled in 2018 that uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to trace provenance and other information to the finished piece of jewelry. De Beers has said it will be used for all of its diamonds by 2030.

Another pandemic calendar change has moved the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival to July 6 (from its usual May dates), a sort of post-show flourish.

Chopard, official sponsor of the festival, said he would use it to reveal Paradise, a 74-piece collection inspired by nature, both real and mythological. It includes a leaf-shaped tsavorite necklace and a double necklace crowned with a bright yellow fancy diamond weighing 30.68 carats. Most of the designs will be seen on the Croisette, the Cannes promenade usually choked with stars and events, but a handful of pieces will be on display in the brand’s Parisian boutique.

Another hybrid presentation in a somewhat chaotic season.

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Flingster Review 2021 – Is Flingster a legit dating site?

Flingster Review 2021 – Is Flingster a legit dating site?

Online dating has become popular over the years because of the convenience it offers to anyone who wants to meet new people, chat, hookup, or start a relationship.

This Flingster review will explain a bit more about the dating site that prides itself on anonymity, hassle-free registration process, and a large number of users all around the world.

With the hope that after this review you’ll get your answer to the questions like “is Flingster dating good?”, here’s everything you need to know about Flingster dating.

Make sure to check out chat flingster site to see current prices.

Is your dating app giving you the best chance for success? Make sure to take our online dating site/app quiz to find out. People who follow our dating site suggestions have on average 2 more dates per month.

Flingster Review in Video Form

Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go


Effectiveness – 3.5/5

Best Limited Time Offers

“Best Matchmaker” “Discreet Dating” “Best for Flings”

Features – 3.5/5

Ease-of-use – 5/5

Price – 4/5


  • Easy to register and use
  • Many basic features are free
  • You can protect your identity with AR mask/filter feature
  • Messages are automatically translated
  • The site is for adults only


  • A lot of fake accounts
  • A dedicated mobile app doesn’t exist
  • More males than females (70:30)

Check out Flingster here for more info.

Who is it for/demographic makeup

Before even starting with the Flingster dating review, let’s talk about the demographic that’s most likely to use this dating site.

First of all, one of the most important things to point out is that Flingster is for adults only, which means that users under the age of 18 will be banned from the website.

Flingster has a very strict policy when it comes to minors on the website, which is understandable.

No matter the gender or relationship status, you can easily join Flingster and start chatting with the people across the world.

Even though the majority of users are from the US (224,000), this dating site is popular all around the globe, with half a million users.

That’s why Flingster is a fantastic option if you want to meet people from different countries and chat about their cultures and customs.

Age-wise, members between the age of 25 and 34 are the most active on the website. Weekly, there are 15,000 active members who are chatting on the website.

Also, male users make 70% of all members, compared to 30% of women, which means that guys have more difficulties finding girls to talk to.

The majority of members use Flingster for video chats of all sorts, usually without planning on continuing the conversation offline.

Those who want to stay in contact with the same person need to pay for the premium version.

Considering that the registration process is super-easy and doesn’t require the verification, as well as the fact that you can stay anonymous, it’s not strange that the users come here usually for sexual reasons.

Of course, it’s also possible to simply chat with new people without any sexual intention, but these cases are very rare.


The reason why the score for the effectiveness is lower is that, as you’ve probably already seen in many other Flingster dating reviews, male users can have some difficulties in finding a female that’s willing to chat.

Another downside of this dating site is that it rarely results in meetups as the users are from all over the world, and the identities can be hidden.

Even if you use premium features and set up your preferred location, it can be challenging to maintain contact with the same user, let alone arrange a date in person.

The answer to the question “Is Flingster dating effective?” would be that it depends on your goals.

The statistic shows that Flingster chatting rarely continues in real life. Still, if you’re okay with that, this dating site will be fantastic for your intentions.

Are you only interested in a one-time video chat? Then Flingster will be effective for your goal, especially if you’re a woman.

On the other hand, while making contact with other members is effortless, it can be challenging to have any deeper connection or to maintain a relationship, and if that’s something you’re interested in, you’re better off with other dating sites created for that purpose.

Key features

How does Flingster dating work, and what are its main features?

While, as with any other dating site, premium accounts have access to more features than the guest or free accounts, you can still have a lot of fun even if you decide not to pay for it.

Compared to the other similar dating sites, Flingster doesn’t include features such as personality tests or connecting your Flingster profile to your other social media accounts.

You’ll notice that it offers fewer features, and the reason for that is probably the importance of anonymity that this dating site offers.

Here are some of the key features in case you’re wondering “what is Flingster dating and how to use it”.

1. Video and Text Chat

Texting and video calls are the main features of Flingster dating and are available for all users, no matter if you’re using a free or premium account.

Even though most members use video chat to communicate with their matches, you don’t have to turn your webcam on. If you’re shy, you can easily use only the text chat option.

This, of course, could mean that not every match will be fine with you not wanting to turn on the video, and they may finish the conversation because of it.

Whichever way you choose to communicate, there’s no limit on how many messages you can send, or with how many users you can chat.

2. Face Masks and Filters

To further protect your anonymity, Flingster offers a wide range of AR masks that you can use if you decide to turn on your webcam and indulge in video chat.

Face masks that cover a part of your face are available even to free accounts, while the filters are available only to premium users.

3. Gender and Location Filters

If you decide to splurge on a premium account, you can enjoy the convenience of setting up filters that will allow you to choose the gender and location of your future matches.

This can be convenient if you’re looking to meet someone who lives in the same country as you in case you want to arrange a face-to-face meeting.

4. Liking

This feature can be very useful not only to show the match you’re chatting with that you like him/her but also to help out other users who can see the number of likes a certain person has gotten.

Why is that important? Well, we already said that due to the lack of email verification, there are a lot of fake accounts that you can stumble upon.

That’s why the number of likes can be a good indicator of whether or not the account you’re communicating with is legit.

5. Translation

As said, Flingster is available for users all around the world.

In case you’re interested in meeting people from other countries, this dating site offers that convenient feature of automatically translating messages from other languages to your native language.

All you need to do is set up your native language in “Chat settings” and all of the messages will be translated to that language.

6. Verification Badge

Another feature that shows which accounts are legit is the verification badge that will show your matches that your account is real.


The first thing you’ll notice is that Flingster is very easy and intuitive to use.

Here are the simple explanations on how to join Flingster, how to make contacts, set up your profile, chat, and similar.

How to access Flingster dating

You already know that there are three options to choose from when it comes to accessing Flingster.

If you want to avoid the registration process, you can simply select your gender and start chatting as a guest.

If you want to register, all you need to do is click the Join now button on the homepage, provide your email address and gender, and, voilà, you can start chatting with your random matches.

Explore the website without the need to pay for the premium features, and then, if you want, you can easily upgrade your profile to enjoy the premium version.

How to Make Contact on Flingster

Unless you upgrade to the premium profile that allows you to choose the gender and location of your matches, you’ll be matched randomly with members all around the world.

Click on the “start chatting” button as soon as you log in, and wait a couple of seconds for your first match.

It’s important to mention that before you decide to accept or deny chatting with your match, the only thing that will be visible to you and that person is the gender and location.

After that, you’ll be able to navigate that user’s account, but only while you’re communicating.

As soon as your chat is over, you won’t be able to access his/her account again.

Best Limited Time Offers

“Best Matchmaker” “Discreet Dating” “Best for Flings”

Choose how you want to chat and enjoy it.

Profile and Chat Settings and Filters

When you access chat settings on the website, you’ll notice that you can add the intro message that will make the first contact much easier for you.

Also, you can add tags that show what you’re interested in, as well as the filter that allows you to be matched to the members that are interested in the things you add.

In those settings, you’ll also find the verified badge as well as choose whether or not you want the messages to be translated to your native language.

When it comes to your account settings, you can share as much as you want with other users.

You can write a short bio if you wish, but you can also leave it completely empty.

Also, it’s possible to add your age, preferences, sexual orientation, as well as hobbies and interests. Still, all of that is optional and not obligatory.

Mobile App

Flingster doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, but the site works fine when accessed from mobile devices because it’s completely responsive.

The only downside to that is that you can only receive messages when you’re online.

Flingster Design and Navigation

Flingster dating site is all about the convenience and ease of use.

That’s why the entire design is very simple and easy to navigate, starting from the registration process to personalizing your info, and making contact with your matches.

The fact that there’s no verification process makes the registration super-quick and hassle-free.

Also, all of the icons and buttons are displayed around the chat window, which makes this dating website very effortless to figure out.

For example, you’ll see the “report user” flag right above the user’s video window.

The only flaw is the number of ads you’ll see unless you pay for the premium account.


While all of the main features such as registration, text and video chat, AR masks, and the translation of the messages are free, some other aspects of the website require you to pay for premium services.

These features include Ad-free chatting, location and gender filters, AR filter for the face, and verified badge.

You’ll also be able to reconnect with a user if you really like him/her.

When it comes to the price for the premium features, you can choose whether to pay weekly, for one month or for six months.

Compared to the other similar websites, Flingster is priced moderately, and the features you get can be convenient, especially if you’re really invested in using it.

Conclusion and Overall Rating

  • Overall Rating – 3.75/5

Check out Flingster here to see if it’s right for you.

Even though Flingster may be lacking some crucial features that provide a better and more effective experience, it can still be very useful for those who love video chat websites and enjoy anonymity.

Have you had experiences with Flingster or similar dating sites? We would be happy to read about it in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still wondering what is “Flingster dating” like, here are some of the frequently asked questions that may give you a better understanding of this dating site.

After a year spent indoors, July 4th returned to Philadelphia


The July 4 celebrations made a triumphant return on Sunday to the city where America began – to thunderous applause from onlookers released after a year isolated at home by the pandemic.

Philadelphians marked the daytime vacations with barbecue grills across town, their thick smoke mingling with the astringent scent of sunscreen. The kids were playing and laughing, and the adults joined in, reveling in the freedom to be together to celebrate the holidays.

Closer to sunset, many flocked to the Mann Center, where Wawa and the city have teamed up to host the annual Welcome America festival.

Hundreds of families attended the free event, some to watch the performances of performers Flo Rida and Bebe Rexha, others to reserve prime seats for the fireworks display, and all eager to spend time in outside.

Among the crowd were four generations of the Dandridge family, who came from Nicetown to celebrate Independence Day.

“This is the first time we’ve all been really outside, together in a social setting,” said Carl Dandridge as his granddaughter, Maxcene, kept a close watch on his great-granddaughter, Millie.

“We had the rain, but we held on,” he said. “There was no way we were going. “

In the Mann’s stands, there has been a lot of talk about Cam Anthony, the Philadelphia native who recently won NBC’s “The Voice” singing contest.

Johnny Moore of West Philadelphia eagerly awaited Anthony’s performance, beaming with hometown pride.

“I’m happy to see his success, and just happy to be here,” Moore said. “It’s good to be here because a lot of us didn’t make it last year.

As dusk fell and Flo Rida took the stage, the crowd erupted in joy, clapping, singing and dancing with him.

Abby Elliot from South Philly brought her daughter and sister with her to the concert, playing competitive Uno games between concerts.

“This is our first time at Mann, and it was just going out for it,” Elliot said. “We are all looking forward to more crowds, more people, more outdoor activities.”

The pandemic, or rather the relief of a return to normalcy amid skyrocketing vaccination rates, was on the minds of many.

Sophia Thai called the concert, and the promise of a summer beyond filled with time spent with friends, a “breath of fresh air”.

“We finally get out there, finally see people,” said Thai, of Marlton. “This is what we all needed.

Abby Sloan said that was definitely what she needed. She traded Chicago for Bensalem in 2019, eager to learn more about her new home and brush up on her American Revolutionary history in the city where so many key events happened.

Instead, she spent most of the next year inside her apartment. She saw last year’s fireworks from her patio, but her place this year at the Mann, stretched out amid a picnic of cheese and wine overlooking the Philadelphia skyline, was a major improvement.

“I love the CDC and I love [Dr. Anthony] Fauci, ”Sloan said. “It’s like the world is alive again.”

The highlight of the event, for many, was the fireworks display that capped the evening’s festivities, exploding into the night sky above the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in a colorful display of twinkling light.

Hundreds of spectators were joined to view the exhibit by hundreds of other revelers who filled the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from Eakins Oval to Logan Square.

Sarah and Zane Gregory drove into town from Anne Arundel County, Md., Just for this: The town’s spectacle, they said, was on a list of the best fireworks in the world. East Coast.

“There is nothing better than this on a day like this,” said Zane Gregory. “It’s the perfect way to wrap it all up. “

Auckland crime trend: Police warn motorists of shopping mall bag thieves


Police are recently investigating a series of bag snatch thefts, particularly in the Botany and Papatoetoe regions. Video / New Zealand Police

The thieves use a terrifying tactic to snatch bags from unsuspecting shoppers – and it was captured on CCTV.

Manukau County Police are warning thieves are preventing parked cars from leaving their parking lots, before opening passenger doors and grabbing handbags from the front seat.

Botany and Papatoetoe have been the hardest hit by the crime spree, said Sgt Nicolas Jensen.

“The method by which these crooks offend, they will park their vehicle behind yours. The passenger will get out of their vehicle, run to yours, steal your purse and they will be gone.”

Police were still investigating, Jensen said. “We want to reassure the community that we take these issues very seriously.”

Police are investigating a series of front seat bag kidnappings in Papatoetoe and Botany.
Police are investigating a series of kidnappings of front seat bags in Papatoetoe and Botany.

Stolen cars are used to commit the crimes, but CCTV from gas stations and dairies has captured video of some of the suspected offenders.

Anyone who recognizes the people in the video should call 105 and quote file number 210502/1803, he said.

Jensen also offered some tips on how to stay safe. “Don’t carry piles of cash on you; when you get in your car, lock your doors. Avoid being a target. Put your purse under your front seat.”

If people find themselves with a thief opening their car door, they have to protect themselves and let the police deal with the criminals.

“Don’t go after the offender. Call 111, get a good description of the offender and let us take care of it,” Jensen said.

Today’s police warning follows the case of a woman who was injured after a man tried to steal her car in a “violent” assault at a New Lynn shopping center he two weeks ago.

Police said the 69-year-old parked her car in the downstairs parking lot of Lynn Mall around 10:30 a.m. when a man assaulted her, took her cell phone and attempted to to steal his car.

The victim retaliated, forcing the assailant to exit the vehicle and attack him a second time.

“A member of the public stopped by to see what was going on that bothered the offender, who quickly fled the scene on foot with the victim’s cell phone,” Senior Detective Sgt. Mike Frost told the time.

The victim had to receive medical treatment for the injuries sustained in the attack.

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